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World Social Work Day 2021

Forum on International Social Work

ISWED2021 Online Conference:

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GISW is a sponsor for ISWED2021: More about ISWED2021 and registration,

We are living in a world of disruption and drastic changes unprecedented in human history. The future is upon us today!

The International Social Work Education and Development 2021 online conference, in the midst of the Covid19 global pandemic, aims to empower social workers and social service organizations to make an impact on the lives of the people amidst drastic social changes and facilitate effective professional practice and human services in the decades to come.

GISW is a sponsor for ISWED2021.

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The focus of this forum is to showcase international social work presence in the international arena, especially in the offices of the United Nations.

The co-chairs will moderate the presentations from Social Work representatives to United Nations in New York, Geneva, Bangkok and Nairobi and their contribution in advancing international social work.

This session is sponsored by the Global Institute of Social Work.

Co-chairs the WSWD2021 Forum:

Prof Lena Dominelli and Prof Ngoh Tiong TAN



Welcome to WSWD – Prof Anna Maria Capanini and Dr Suh, Sang-mok, Presidents IASSW and President, ICSW



1. Prof Lynne Healy - International Social Work Advocacy at UN, NY

2. Prof Anne Lavanchy: International SW - Being Present Though Remote

3. Asst. Prof Puchong Senanuch - Human Rights - Workers, migrants, Children and Women's Rights

4. Dr Jongman, Kgomotso - International SW: Advancing SDG Goals and Role of SW in Africa


Zoom Meeting ID964 0317 0967

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The key purpose of the TALK is to inspire for action, share best practices and ideas, innovate and co-create the future of social work.

Prominent leaders in social work from all over the world will be invited to speak on issues that are important to social work and the future well-being of our society.

Enroll today:

Interview on Social World Podcast on Post Covid Social Work.

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Corona Virus - Social Work Response

The novel CoV has taken China and the world at the wake of the new year 2020. According to WHO, globally there were 167 511 confirmed cases and more than 6000 death  as of 16 March 2020.

While we hope that this epidemic will be controlled soon we must ever be prepared to deal with future episodes of pestilences and other disasters, natural or otherwise.

GISW stands united with other international social work organizations, IASSW, IFSW, COSW in solidarity with China, Italy, S. Korea and other social work groups in combating the virus and building resilient communities. GISW has a number of disaster management videos and training emphasizing the need for strength based disaster management and social recovery.

Solidarity Letter

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GISW Annual International Seminar: 

World Social Work Day 

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Professor Anamaria Capanini, President IASSSW, brings the message for WSD2020, amidst the global pandemic Covid-19.

The Chair and International Advisory Board of GISW wishes all a Happy Social Work Day. Remember physical social distancing does not negate the vital social network and support.

The importance of human relationship is the message brought forth by Professor Tan. Though paradoxical at times, healthy relationship is the core of social work practice and key principle for social intervention.

Strengthening the

Family: Global Social

Work Perspectives

Global Institute of Social Work in collaboration with Singapore Association of Social Workers, National Council of Social Services and the Singapore University of Social Sciences presented the above seminar early 2020.

Distinguished speakers included:

• Professor Annamaria Capanini, President IASSW: Topic: "Working with Families across Cultures:  An Empowerment approach". This includes the strength's perspective, family group conference, dialogical evaluation and social work intervention.

• Professor Zulkarnain Hatta, President, APASWE and IASSW Board Member, on “Strengthening Families – Spirituality and Social Work” and will cover values, spirituality and strategies for empowering family.

•Professor Junko Wake, Vice President of the Japanese Association for Social Work Education and IASSW Board member, on “Strengthening Social Work with Families in Asia context.” The focus was on the training family social workers and social work education for empowering families.

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Online seminar 2018 (2)_edited.png

Future of Social Work: Online Seminar

GISW Seminar 2019.jpg

This seminar features presentations by invited international speakers, in different languages, on the topic “Future of Social Work”. They discuss what they see as the trend for social work practice and training for their part of the world, the challenges facing society and social work in the next decades. "What are the priority focus areas and key strategies in social work practice, research and training?" These and other important issues are deliberated by our distinguished speakers. Check this out:

Global Institute of Social Work presents the Online Seminar: “Future of Social Work: International Perspectives”, launched in commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of GISW. 

GISW Annual Seminar: People and Community Assets, proposed social inclusion of the marginalized and strategies and policies to combat the discrimination and inequality of these groups in all societies.

 In Memoriam: Pioneer Social Work Educator   Mrs Ann Wee

Pioneer social work educator, teacher and colleague, Associate Professorial fellow Ann Elizabeth Wee, passed away peacefully on 11 Dec 2019. It's a great loss to the family, Singapore social work fraternity as well as the global social work community.

Prof Angie Yuen, past president of IASSW, and Prof Ngoh Tiong TAN just had tea with Ann late October reminiscing the good old days at the University. Ann was guest of honor at the Global Institute of Social Work International SW seminar last year, where she launched the International Social Work Scholarship. You may watch the video of her speech at the GISW portal


We will miss Ann dearly- may her reward in heaven be great!

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Ann Pic 2019.jpg


Courses from a broad variety of educators, countries, and fields are available at 

GISW is committed to sharing best practices of social work with people all over the world in support of the Global Agenda of Social Work
GISW will have a practitioner network for collaboration with international organizations and government bodies in accordance with the Global Agenda for Action
GISW works with Social Workers Across Borders in developing volunteers for international disaster work and social work practicum development.
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