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GISW International Scholarships

This is a special scholarship set up to develop culturally attuned training material in social work for those who need it most. The Scholarship funds selected awardees for the development of useful courses that will benefit social workers all over the world. 


A portion of the Funds is also geared towards payment for training and membership of specific for organisations as well as individuals who is in need of sponsorship.


To contribute to the Scholarship:

Contribution to this designated Fund can be made to: Global Institute of Social Work: “Global Institute of Social Work Limited”, Swift Code UOVBSGSG, United Overseas Bank US Dollar Account Number: 3479042916 and UOB Singapore Dollar Account Number: 3473043481.


Support for GISW through the Friends Programme can be made online:

You may also contribute directly by developing and presenting an online course to GISW.


To apply for the Scholarship:

Application is now open


The application for Scholarship must be accompanied by a course proposal and if possible a 5 minutes video on the content coverage and importance of the issue presented:

Latest Course on School Social Work 

What is school social work? International perspective of the role and work of a school social worker. Evaluation, research, ethics and standards of school social work. International collaboration in school social work.

by: Professor Leticia Villarreal Sosa, President, School Social Work Association and Associate Professor of Social Work, Dominican University see:

Social Dialogue a magazine of International Association of Schools of Social Work

GISW collaborates in publlcising the free online Social Dialougue.

Just click on the picture and sign up. 

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