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GISW is a non profit organization committed to bringing quality training in social work free-of-charge to those seeking training or professional development in the field. You can support GISW by joining as a Friend or Volunteer.



Volunteer as a Course Facilitator

To volunteer as a Course Facilitator, please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) indicating your area of expertise and a proposal for the training you intend to provide to and upload the files to

If you have a video-clip or a power-point of a presentation, or conference papers in the area of social work, you may submit them along with your CV and proposal. 

Upon review, acceptance and publication of the course online, GISW may consider appointing you as an associate faculty. Some institutions may consider your submission as a peer reviewed publication.

Volunteer for Administration and Support

Administrators, fund-raisers, technical support, multimedia and web development experts are needed. Kindly let us know the area of your potential contribution by emailing

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