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World Social Work Day 2022


The World Social Work Day 2022 takes place on 15th March 2022 or around this time, globally.

The theme: ´Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind´ coincides with the theme of the people´s summit that will take place on the 29th June to the 2nd July, 2022. The theme presents a vision and action plan to create new global values, policies and practices that develop trust, security and confidence for all people and the sustainability of the planet.

World Social Work Day 2022 will be a highlight opportunity for the social work profession to engage all social work networks and the community they work within to make contributions to the values and principles which enable all people to have their dignity respected through shared futures. To learn more about the people´s global summit and making contributions click here: For details on #WSWD2022 with IFSW, IASSW and leading social work organizations, checkout at wswd

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GISW Chair spoke via video at the WSWD 2022 Conference for Russia on 15th March

The call to Russian social work colleagues is to work towards peace and social justice, upholding the principle of self determination, respect and non violent ways of conflict resolution. We can be in solidarity with social workers all over the world to work towwatds the Future Good

GISW Celebrates WSWD on 22nd March 2022 with an International Seminar on

Disaster Preparedness and Sustainable Development 
The International Seminar aims to network practitioners, researchers and educators in the social work and the field of disaster risk reduction and management for sharing best practices in disaster management. The seminar provides a framework for effective collaboration with universities and research centres, government and NGOs in different regions of the world. There are plans to develop projects that are mutually beneficially and publish papers and books for furthering knowledge in this field.
The agenda focuses on sustainability covering topics such as: Climate Change, Green Social Work, Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Management. The sessions will be held via Zoom and registration is free and open to all. 

Date: 22nd March, GMT 12noon - 2pm
Chair of Seminar: Professor TAN, Ngoh Tiong, Chair, Global Institute of Social Work, Treasurer, IASSW and Adjunct Professor Singapore University of Social Sciences

Proposed Keynote Speakers and Honoured Guests:
Representative UNDRR, President, IASSW, Hon President, GISW and Prof Arnold Howitt, Harvard Kennedy School
Keynote Speakers: Prof Michael Zakour. Prof Lena Dominelli, Prof George Boustras
Join with social workers worldwide to stand together to advance our common message globally.

WSWD Presidents Message.PNG
Prof Annamaria Campanini's message for WSWD2022 is inspiring for peace.
Previous World Social Day highlights Úbuntu: I am Because We Are. This is the first theme of the 2020 to 2030 Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development.
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Social workers around the globe celebrates World Social Work Day in the month of March. The theme this year is on Strengthening Human Relationships; referring to relating with people and their environments.

Previously GISW celebrated World Social Work Day with its Annual Symposium on People and Community as the key assets of society. This underlies the importance of social capital and human relationships. 

IASSW and IFSW had the 36th Annual Social Work Day at the United Nations on Monday, April 1, 2019 in the UN's ECOSOC Chamber.

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