War against nCoV epidemic

Solidarity for Social Work Response to the Novel Corona Virus Epidemic


Dear social work colleagues in China in the war against nCoV epidemic:

The nCoV has taken China and the world at the wake of the new year 2020. According to WHO, globally there were 34, 886 cases and in China 34,598 confirmed cases with 723 deaths, as of 8th February, 2020. Altogether 25 countries have reported incidences of the infection.

While we hope that this epidemic will be controlled soon we must ever be prepared to deal with both the current as well as future episodes of pestilences and other disasters, natural or otherwise. Social workers in China, as in a number of other countries, are dealing with the epidemic and responding to individuals, families and communities affected by this virus. The focus of the professionals specifically on the support and social services, especially for those who are vulnerable, the elderlies, minorities and lower income groups.

Social work organizations like CASWE and CASW, as during the time of SARS, have provided medical social work with patients infected by nCoV and their families, community organizations in response to meeting the needs of those quarantined, and the building of social resilience and network in support for concerted community response to recovery. Training and preparation for social workers for crisis intervention, grief work and psychological first aid, emergency and disaster management, are essential for effective intervention. We hope to assist in any way you see fit.

The Global Institute of Social Work, GISW, stands united with other international social work organizations, IASSW, IFSW, COSW, in solidarity with China social work groups in combating the virus and building resilient communities. GISW has a number of disaster management videos and training emphasizing the need for strength-based disaster management and social recovery, all available online:

Disaster and Social work courses:
Yours sincerely,
Professor TAN Ngoh Tiong
Chair, International Advisory Board, Global Institute of Social Work

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