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Upcoming Forums and Conferences in collaboration with GISW

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Global Social Work TALK 2023


Global Institute of Social Work in collaboration with International Association of Schools of Social Work brings you the annual Global Social Work Talk, scheduled for 23 March at 9.30am, (GMT+8, Singapore Time) followed by the GISW AGM at 11am. 
The Global Social Work TALK has the slogan “ideas to change the world”. Prominent social workers will present their experiences; and global leaders will share their ideas that impact the community. The aim of GSW TALK is to create impetus for future good.  

Topic: The Future of Global Social Work


Speaker: Dr Darla Coffey, immediate past President, and CEO, retired after a 10-year tenure with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). She is chair of the Capacity Building Committee of International Association of Social Workers and its Resident Treasurer for many years.
Dr Coffey will share her experience with CSWE and identify trends in social work education, which she believes, should lead practice. She will highlight what is the future of social work from a global perspective. Under her leadership the number of accredited programs has grown to 842 with 59 more schools in the process of accreditation. 
Dr. Coffey oversaw two updates to the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards; expanded the services and support CSWE offers faculty members and students of accredited programs; elevated the role of social work in inter-professional education. In the past year she has been laser-focused on advancing social work education that is decisively anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial.

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Darla has been focused and dedicated to supporting the faculty, students, staff, and administrators of hundreds of social work programs at CSWE. Under her leadership, programs across the country have taken steps to improve their curriculums so that social workers have the skills to make a real difference in the lives of their clients and communities. Her deep passion for students and social work is inspirational.

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On May 25th, 2022, GISW signed MOU with Bangaladesh to start GISW Bangladesh. This portal will provide current training in social work online in both Bangla and English language. The signing took place in Dhaka during the WSWD2022 international conference attended by hundreds of dignitaries, renowned social workers and speakers, and participants from all over the world.

What is GISW

'Social Work Response on the Russian War against Ukraine'

GISW stands with social workers in Ukrainian social workers in condemning the war and urge all parties to seek diplomatic channels in the the quest to stopping the invasion and violence. 

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GISW conducted an interview with an Ukrainian social worker and would like to share the powerful voice of the social worker and educator, in the person of Dr Oksana Boyko, Associate Professor from the Department of Social Work, University of Kyiv. She said: "I am Ukrainian. I am social worker. And what's going on now in my country is not just about 'things done by government', NOT A CRISIS IN ANYWAY, IT'S A REAL WAR; this is about real WAR, with massive trauma, loss and bereavement, rape, torture, violence.


Do share with others and join in the advocacy for stopping the war in the name of the urgent humanitarian cause.

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Solidarity and Support with Ukrainian Social Work Educators from the Schools of Social Work

from IASSW and statement from Prof. Darja Zaviršek,
President of the Eastern European Subregional Association of Schools of Social Work



Open Letter to the United Nations advocating for open corridor for humanitarian aid and safe passage for social service workers.

Global Social Work TALK launched

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 Urgent Action for Afghanistan crisis 2021

The key purpose of the Global SW TALK is to inspire for action, share best practices and ideas, innovate and co-create the future of social work. Prominent leaders in social work from all over the world will be invited to speak on issues that are important to social work and the future well being of our society. 


The inaugural presentation for the Global SW TALK was by Associate Professorial Fellow S. Vasoo from the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore, who is also advisor and fellow of the Global Institute of Social Work. He spoke on vital community work strategies for future good of society. 


Professor Angie Yuen, Past President of International Association of Schools of Social Work presented on Innovation and Partnership in Social Work and Social Work Education. 

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On behalf of Global Institute of Social Work, Social Work Across Borders, and with the support of International Association of Schools of Social Work, International Council of Social Welfare, Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work, Connexions International and other international organisations, we have written to the President of UN Security Council in support of the plight of humanitarian and social workers in Afghanistan. 


We feel that urgent action is needed as we advocate that UN as well as other global action agencies including the Red Cross and Red Crescent, to act speedily to save lives and maintain basic human rights for the protection of humanitarian and social workers and to ensure their safe passage.

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Professor Rosemary Link

International Advisory Board Member 

Professor of Social Work, University of Minnesota and former Vice President, Simpson College, USA.


Dr. Silvana Martinez

International Advisory Board Member 

President of International Federation of Social Workers.


Professor Goutham Menon

International Advisory Board Member 

Dean, School of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago

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