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The Global Institute of Social Work
The vision of The Global Institute of Social Work (GISW) is to deliver quality social work training wherever in the world they are needed most.

The challenge is to provide readily available, cost-effective, culturally appropriate training, in various fields of social work, for social workers as well as other social service professionals, worldwide.

The GISW is essentially a virtual center with global access through its website. However, we will also develop global centers and training hubs for specialized social work training in collaboration with our partners.


Rationale of The GISW
We live in a very different globalised world since the advent of modern social work. We must ride on new technology and change the mode of delivery of social work training. The process of continuing education and development must ensure the delivery of timely and useful knowledge, active engagement in application of ideas, effective strategies and skills in improving human conditions shaping a more fair and just world.

We believe that sharing knowledge and skills that would improve human wellbeing is the responsibility of professionals engaged in social work. How can one ethically withold information that can help others do better?

There should be control over the quality of training and a review process will be implemented to ensure courses and training material are culturally adaptable and useful in different social-political contexts.


GISW Operation

An International Advisory Board is appointed to develop the policy of the GISW. A Local Elected Board is responsible for the governance of GISW Limited. The Boards consist of prominent people in the local as well as international social work community, representatives from key organizations and friends of social work.

GISW Board and Volunteers

Board of Directors and Volunteers at the GISW AGM 2016: Back row (LtoR): Terence Yow, Sim Gim Guan, Tan Ngoh Tiong, David Ong, Vicky Tan, Koh Juat Muay. Front Row: S. Vasoo, Ang Bee Lian, Arthur Tan, Elena Lui, Teo Mui Wan

The best in the world will be identified to provide training courses and those who need the training can access this virtual classroom anytime and anywhere. Specialists in various subjects may give recorded presentations that will be useful for other colleagues. Anyone may submit material, and these associate faculties are people with a vision to strengthen professional competence and share knowledge and skills. (If you have training courses or other material to share please click here).
GISW will upload reviewed packaged training for easy access. The quality and cultural appropriateness of the material is reviewed by two peers and may be edited before uploading for public use. Download of the material is free but users have to sign up on a membership basis. This provides a record of who is using the training and a channel for feedback, follow up and evaluation of outcome.
GISW will have a practitioner network in the form of facebook and blog for practitioners and will collaborate with international organizations, government bodies such as IFSW, ICSD, IASSW, COSW, UNDP and their local counterparts, as well as other educational, business and civic groups so as to move forward the Global Agenda for Action


International Social Work Collaboration

GISW collaborates with a number of organisations including the following:

Social Work Across Borders. Collaboration in developing volunteers for international disaster work and social work practicums. See: SWAB's work on disaster intervention.        SWAB Heading

Memoranda of Understandings were signed with the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University; as well as Ulyanovsk State University, the Municipal Management Department and Moscow Institute for Raising the Qualification of Social Workers, Russia. An organisational structure is being developed to cater to emerging representation and developments in different countries.

Logo YuliaGISW will collaborate with International Association of Schools of Social Work in publicising its global e-magazine “social Dialogue”. This is a powerful instrument for global social work communication. http://www.social-dialogue.com/ The latest issue has articles on cross border social work. 

 Social Dialogue

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